How do I share my business plan with someone who doesn't have Business Plan Pro? Follow


To share your plan with someone without Business Plan Pro, you have several choices depending on your specific objectives and your audience:


If you need to share your plan in a non-editable format:

  • Adobe Acrobat PDF Document - Export your plan as an Adobe Acrobat PDF. On the File menu, click Export. Select Adobe Acrobat PDF Document.


If you need to share your plan in an editable format:

Export your plan as a Word document and share it with your recipients in a format that is open for editing. On the File menu, click Export. During export, you can select the version of Word that your recipient uses.


If real-time collaborating is an important feature for you, you may want to consider our web-based product LivePlan. Using LivePlan, all members of your team can view, comment on, or edit the same business plan simultaneously.

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