Updating your company contact information on the cover page Follow

When you add a cover page to your plan, it can contain the following information:

  • Slogan
  • Company website
  • Contact name
  • Contact email address
  • Contact phone number
  • Company address

You can update any of these at any time by editing your plan's cover page. If you need to change the name of your company, please see Changing the company name.


Editing the cover page

  1. In the Plan tab, click the Download & Print link:
  2. Locate the Setup box in the lower right corner of the page. In the Cover Page section, click the Edit button:
  3. Fill out or update the fields in the overlay to add your contact information:
  4. At the bottom of the overlay, locate the check box marked Include company address. If you would like your company's address on the cover page, click this box. That will reveal the fields for adding your address. Click Save & Close:



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