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The default mailbox is an optional setting in Outpost. When you set a default mailbox for your account, you will see conversations from that mailbox when you log in. You'll still be able to switch to views of any other mailbox assigned to you, and you can also view conversations from all your assigned mailboxes at once. 

Any account Owner or Administrator can set or update the default mailbox for any user. 

Any User can also update his or her own default mailbox through the personal Preferences settings.


Setting or updating the default mailbox

  1. At the upper right hand corner of your window, click on the Settings icon:
  2. At the sidebar on the left, click on Users:
  3. Locate the user you'd like to update. Click on the user's preview card to open their settings:
  4. At the lower right hand corner of the user settings, select the default mailbox from the drop-down menu:
  5. Click Save Changes:


How the default setting affects your mailbox view

When a default mailbox is established, the user will see conversations in this mailbox display first when they log into Outpost. In the example below, this user has Sales@ as the default mailbox:


If that user has access to more than one mailbox, they can use the drop-down Mailbox menu at any time to access a different mailbox to view:


Note: If a user has access to only one mailbox and no default mailbox is set, the default mailbox view will automatically be the only mailbox they have access to. 

If the user has access to multiple mailboxes and no default mailbox is set, then the default mailbox view will be All Mailboxes.

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