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You can add another mailbox to your Outpost account any time.

This article will show you how to add a new mailbox using a Gmail address you own. We're assuming that you've already started your Outpost account.

Note: Outpost will import all of your email history. To ensure a smooth transition, you may want to clean up your Gmail inbox before you connect to Outpost.


Adding a mailbox with a Gmail address

  1. At the upper right hand corner of your window, click on the Settings icon:
    In the sidebar of the Settings page, click Mailboxes:
  2. Click on the plus sign [+] to add a mailbox:
  3. Give the mailbox a name your team will recognize. Then choose Gmail or G Suite as your email provider:
  4. In the Users section, select which users will have access to this mailbox. You can Select none, Select all, or click the checkboxes for individual users:
  5. Outpost defaults to showing the mailbox email address as the "send email as" name. If you like, you can change this to a name your recipients will recognize:
  6. Finally, enter a mailbox signature. This signature will appear on all messages sent from this mailbox:

    Note: If a user also creates a personal email signature, then any messages they send from this mailbox will display their personal signature above the mailbox signature.

  7. Click Connect Mailbox:

  8. From here, you'll be connected to Gmail and presented with a list of your existing email addresses. Select the one you want to have connected to your Outpost mailbox:
  9. You'll then be prompted to verify your request for the connection between Outpost and this Gmail address. Click Allow to continue:
  10. From this point, you'll be placed into your new Outpost mailbox, and your email history will begin importing automatically.

    Note: You can use Outpost, and even log out, while your email history import is in progress.


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