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You can add another mailbox to your Outpost account any time. Each mailbox must have a unique email address attached to it. So, for example, let's say your company has separate public email addresses for:

  • Customer Service
  • Information
  • Vendor Communications

You can create a mailbox for each of these in Outpost.


Adding a mailbox

  • An the top of the left sidebar, click on the Mailbox menu:
  • Scroll down and select Add Mailboxes:

From this point, the process will differ slightly according to the email address you're connecting to Outpost. Please use the links below for further instructions:


Configuring your new mailbox

Once your mailbox is connected and your email history starts importing, you'll want to update two important settings on the Mailboxes page.

  1. At the upper right hand corner of your window, click on the Settings icon:
  2. On the Preferences page, click Mailboxes:
  3. Click on the plus sign [+] to add a mailbox:Image_2019-01-06_at_7.36.37_PM.png
  4. Give the mailbox a name your team will recognize, and set up the send-as name:
  5. Enter a mailbox signature in the Signature field. This signature will appear on all messages sent from this mailbox:

    Note: If a user also creates a personal email signature, then any messages they send from this mailbox will display their personal signature above the mailbox signature. 

  6. In the Users section, select which users will have access to this mailbox. You can Select none, Select all, or choose individuals from the list of users:
  7. Click Connect Mailbox to save changes:


More on mailboxes:

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