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Once you've created a mailbox in Outpost, you can update its name and assigned users any time.  Any account owner or administrator can edit a mailbox.

Note: Once a mailbox is created, you can't change the email address connected to it.


  1. At the upper right hand corner of your window, click on the Settings icon:
  2. In the sidebar of the Settings page, click Mailboxes:Image_2019-01-17_at_10.01.13_AM.png

  3. Locate the mailbox you'd like to edit. Click on its preview card to open the mailbox settings:
  4. You can edit all the areas marked with arrows below:

    Note: For the Send Mail As field, think about the name you'd like your customers to see when they receive emails from you - such as your company name, or a department name.

  5. Click Save Changes:


More on mailboxes:


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