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Once you've created a company in LivePlan and entered your actuals from your accounting tool, you are ready to map the two together. 

Mapping is a process where you set up the entries for your forecast by connecting your chart of accounts with the LivePlan Forecast tool. When you've completed this process, the Forecast will contain entries that match your Chart of Accounts, and then you can fill in your forecast numbers.

This short video shows you how to create your forecast items through mapping:



Some helpful notes:

  • Keep in mind that the actuals you import from your accounting solution will not populate the Forecast tab. Your actuals populate the Dashboard. We'll talk more about this in the next article.
  • You can build your forecast in as much detail as you like. Keep in mind, however, that whenever you can map more than one account together into a single forecast entry, it saves you some work.


Next Step:

Adding your data to the forecast entries

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