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Outpost has three permission levels:

  • Owner: The person being billed for the Outpost account. Owners have the same access as Administrators. The owner's permissions can't be changed.
  • Administrator: Administrators have the ability to add and remove users and mailboxes, as well as all of the functionality users have.
  • User: Users can reply to, forward, and manage conversations in mailboxes assigned to them. They can also add internal notes to conversations, create and modify templates, save searches, and permanently delete conversations.

Account owners and administrators can change a User to an Administrator, or an Administrator to a User, at any time. If you're the account owner, your permissions can't be changed.


  1. At the upper right hand corner of your window, click on your username to view the Settings menu:
  2. Select Users from the dropdown menu:
  3. On the Users page, locate the user who needs to be updated and click on their preview card:
  4. Click the radio button for the role you'd like this user to have:

    Note: Be careful if you're updating your own account. If you inadvertently change your own permission from Administrator to User, you will no longer have access to account administration features. Another Administrator on the account can change your role back to Administrator.


Once you make a User an Administrator, they will be able to:

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