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You can use LivePlan to build a forecast, budget your expenses and track your actual results vs. your plan. It's a great way to monitor the health of your business, because you're comparing two important timelines:

  • Your forecast: How you budget for your income and spending in the future
  • Your actuals: Your company's actual performance in the past and present


To get started with LivePlan through the Dashboard:

  1. Create a company in LivePlan. Set its start date to either the current date or a future date. You can change this at any time. 
  2. Choose Dashboard as your starting point:
  3. Watch the video if you like, and then click the Get Started button:
  4. You'll then be prompted to sync LivePlan with your accounting solution. You can sync with QuickBooks Online or with Xero. Or, you can enter your actuals manually instead:


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Creating forecast items as you map your actuals

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