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Outpost has three levels of users:

  • Owner: The person being billed for the Outpost account. Owners have the same access as administrators and users. The owner's permissions can't be changed.
  • Administrator: Administrators have the ability to add and remove users and mailboxes, along with the functionality regular users have.
  • User: Users can reply to, forward, and manage conversations in the mailboxes assigned to them. They can also add internal notes to conversations, create and modify templates, save searches, and permanently delete conversations.


Adding a User or Administrator

  1. Near the upper right hand corner of your window, click on Invite team member:
  2. Enter the email address that you wish to send the invitation to, select the role that the user will have in Outpost, select one or more mailboxes that they will have access to, and enter a brief note for the recipient. Once the form is filled out, click Send invite:

  3. The user will receive an email at the email address you entered in their user invitation. Once they click the link in this email and enter their login credentials, the user account will be complete and the account billing will be updated to reflect the new user.
Note: if the invitation is not accepted within 7 days, it will expire and must be re-sent. If that re-send doesn't happen within 7 more days, the invitation will be automatically deleted from your account. 
Note: A username can only be used once per account. 

More on adding and managing users:

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