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Every conversation in Outpost contains:

  • The original message
  • All replies and forwards resulting from that message
  • Any notes your team has added
  • An automated History record

Information in the Inbox view

The Inbox view displays a column of preview cards for each conversation, with the most recent conversation at the top. A conversation will remain in the Inbox until it is archived or deleted.

In the Inbox, you can see which conversation is currently being viewed because its preview card is highlighted. If a conversation hasn't been read yet, the sender name and subject will appear in bold, as shown below:


Any conversation that has a draft in progress attached to it will display a pencil icon on the preview card, as shown below:



Viewing the replies in a conversation

If a conversation has received replies or been forwarded, you'll be able to see the total number of replies and forwards on the preview card:


When you view any conversation, you'll see the most recent reply, with all previous replies and forwards below it in collapsed form:


Clicking on any reply will expand it so that you can see its contents:



Viewing internal notes

Internal notes your team has made on a conversation will appear in the right sidebar:


For more in this feature, please see Adding, editing, and deleting notes.


Viewing conversation history

Every conversation has an automated history record, showing the actions your team has taken. To see this information, click the History link in the right sidebar to expand the display:


For more on this feature, read Viewing the history of a conversation.



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