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In Outpost, you can add internal notes to any conversation. Notes are a great tool to help your team share background information. These notes are only visible to team members assigned to a mailbox. 


Adding a note to a conversation

  1. From within the conversation, click the Notes link in the toolbar:
  2. Click on Add note in the notes view
  3. Type the note into the field and click the Post note button:

    Note: the list of notes attached to a conversation will display in reverse chronological order, with the most recent note at the top.


Editing a note

Once any user has posted a note, they'll have a 15-minute window to edit it. After that window expires, only an Owner or Administrator can update the note.

The remaining editing time will count down in the display below the note:


  1. Click the pencil icon to edit the note:
  2. After making your changes, click Post note:


Deleting a note


Similarly to editing, once any user has posted a note they'll have a 15-minute window to delete it. After that window expires, only an Owner or Administrator can delete the note.

The remaining time in which the note can be deleted will count down in the display below the note:


  1. Click the trash can icon to delete the note:
  2. Confirm the deletion by clicking the Delete note link:


Adding an "@ mention" to a note

An "@ mention" is a tool often used in social media platforms, where adding an "@" symbol before someone's name automatically generates a notification they can see. This feature comes in handy if you want to call someone's attention to a conversation, but don't want to assign it to them.

In Outpost, we use @ mentions in the Notes feature. In a note, you can type an "@" symbol, immediately followed by the first letters of a user's name. A list of users matching those letters will pop up, and you can select the correct one to complete the @ mention, as shown below:


Once this note is posted, all users who've been @mentioned in the note will receive a notification of the mention. They'll see it in their Notifications menu, as shown below:


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