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To reply to a conversation, click the Reply button located above the message, to the right. To forward a conversation, click the Forward button in the same location:


Choosing a recipient or group of recipients

If you are creating a Reply, the original sender will be filled in as the recipient. If you are creating a Forward, no recipient will be specified and you can add one or more. You can also add “copy” and “blind copy” email recipients by clicking the buttons below:


Click the type of additional recipient you'd like to add, and then type in the email addresses.

Note: the maximum number of recipients a message can have is 500.


If you need to remove the original sender, click the X next to their name in the "To" field:



Formatting your reply

Outpost has a number of text formatting features for your conversation replies. All of them can be found in this toolbar, which appears at the top of the reply field:


Here are all the ways you can format your reply: 

  • Choose a font
  • Add bold, italic, or underlined text
  • Include a numbered list or bulleted list
  • Add a blockquote
  • Embed a link
  • Add an attachment


Trashing your reply before sending

If you’ve started to write a reply but then decide you’d rather not send it, click the trash can icon below your reply to delete it:


When you trash a draft, it will be moved to your Trash folder. You can leave it there, or permanently delete it later.


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