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A conversation will stay in your Outpost inbox until you’ve reached the point where there are no further replies or internal notes needed. At that point, you can Archive the conversation.

Archived conversations are removed from your Inbox, but can still be accessed in the Archived folder. If you perform a search in Outpost, archived conversations will appear in your results alongside active ones.


Archiving a conversation from the toolbar

In the conversation toolbar, you can click the Archlve button at any time to archive the conversation:


Archiving a conversation while sending a reply

If you're sending a reply and are ready to archive the conversation at that point, you archive while sending. Click the drop-down menu next to the Send button to access a Send & Archive button:



Once archived, the conversation will move out of your Inbox and into your Archived folder:

If the email recipient replies to your email message, Outpost will automatically move the conversation back to the Inbox so you or your team can respond.

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