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Outpost will automatically mark all incoming conversations as Unread. When you open a conversation and view it, Outpost will mark the message as Read either immediately, after a delay of up to 5 seconds, or never, depending on the setting that is selected in the Preferences menu. You can manually change whether a message is marked as Read or Unread anytime you need.

Filtering conversations by Unread

Outpost can display all messages in an inbox, or only those that are unread. To view only unread messages, click on Unread. This will hide all read messages from the Inbox view. To view all messages, click on Conversations.

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Changing the period of time before a conversation is marked as read

  1. Click on the Settings gear.
  2. Click on Preferences.
  3. Select the desired delay before a selected is marked as read.
  4. Once the selection has been made, click on Save Changes.


Manually change the Read/Unread setting:

  1. In the conversation toolbar, click Mark as Read or Mark as Unread:
  2. Once a conversation is marked Unread, you'll see the sender's name and subject in bold in the sidebar:
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