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Within Outpost, you’ll be dealing with “conversations” rather than emails. A conversation is basically a container. It holds:

  • The original email
  • All replies and forwards related to that email
  • Any internal notes your team has added
  • A full history of actions and changes

A conversation begins any time you receive an inbound email to one of your Outpost mailboxes, or when you start a new conversation. 


Starting a new conversation

  1. From any of your account folders, click the New Conversation link at the top of the display:
  2. Add the email address of your recipient into the To field:

    Note: The maximum number of recipients a conversation can have is 500.

  3. If you have a single mailbox selected in your sidebar (or your account has only one mailbox), the From field will default to that mailbox. If you have more than one mailbox, you can change the From address to any other mailbox assigned to you:
  4. If you need to add a cc or bcc recipient, click the links to the right of the To field:
  5. Type in the cc or bcc recipient's name:
  6. Formatting options are available from the toolbar above the text field:
  7. When you've finished composing the reply, you have three options:
    • Sending the message
    • Saving the conversation as a draft
    • Trash the conversation instead of sending

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More on conversations 

Once a conversation begins, you can do a number of things from this point:


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