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If you’re using more than one mailbox in your Outpost account, you may need to move a conversation from one mailbox to another. For example, maybe a customer sends an email to your “info@” email address. It’s actually an email pertaining to a complaint, so it should be replied to from your “customerservice@” email address. In this case, you can place the conversation in the correct mailbox before you reply.

Note: When you move a conversation to another mailbox, it will then be viewable only in the new mailbox.
Note: If a conversation is already assigned to a specific user, and you move it to a mailbox that user is not currently assigned to, you’ll see a warning message. If you don’t assign the user to the new mailbox, then the conversation will be unassigned when you move it.


Moving an individual conversation to another mailbox

  1. In the Inbox, click on the conversation you’d like to move.
  2. In the menu bar at the top of the Outpost window, click on the Move to folder icon:move_to_folder.png
  3. Select the mailbox from the drop-down menu that appears:


Once the conversation is moved, you'll find it in the Inbox for the mailbox you've assigned it to. You can also do a search for the conversation to locate it.

Note: Each mailbox in Outpost is connected to a single email address. If you need to move a conversation to different mailbox, you can do that, but it will cause a disconnection between that conversation and its original source email account. You can continue to reply to the conversation as normal in Outpost, just keep in mind that these changes will appear only in new mailbox. 


Forwarding groups of conversations to another mailbox

There may be cases where you're receiving a large number of emails to a particular mailbox, but you'd prefer they be handled from a different mailbox.

If these emails have a discernible pattern to them, you can set up mail forwarding rules or filters to save some time. So, for example, maybe these emails all mention orders, or a specific product or department.

In these cases, you can go to your source email account, and create a forwarding rule that sends these messages to a different mailbox in your Outpost account.


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