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Sometimes, it’s helpful to have a specific member of your team reply to a conversation. Maybe a customer has already spoken to this team member by phone and then sends a follow-up email. Or maybe different members of your team have different specialties, and respond to specific kinds of emails.

Note: For more ideas on ways to use this feature, see Tips for using Assignments.


To assign a conversation to a specific user

  1. From within the conversation, go to your user icon at the upper right corner on the toolbar and click the check mark button to display a drop-down menu of the users assigned to this mailbox:

    Note: If you can’t see the user you want to assign in the pull-down menu, it means that this user hasn’t been added to this mailbox yet. To add them, read Changing the users assigned to a mailbox.

  2. Click on the user to assign. Once the conversation is assigned, that user’s profile image will appear in the header of the conversation, and in the Inbox preview card, as a reminder that this user is handling it:


You can reassign the conversation to a different user at any time by following these same steps.


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