Changing your LivePlan subscription plan

Switching from monthly to annual

Our annual subscription provides substantial savings by paying for 12 months instead of monthly—a discount you'll access by paying for the year in one payment.

If you have a monthly subscription to LivePlan and want to change it to an annual one, you can do that easily from within the app.

  1. Click on the Account menu in the lower-left corner of the LivePlan window. Choose Manage Account:
    Arrow Pointing to manage account.png

  2. You'll land on the Account Details page, where you'll see this display. Click Switch & Save:
    Note: If you don't see this display on the Account Details page, please contact us and we'll be glad to help with updating your account.
  3. The next overlay confirms what you will be charged in order to begin the annual subscription. Click Confirm to process the charge and update your subscription plan:
    Note: If you make this change during a billing month, then the remaining charge from your current month (prorated to the current date) will be deducted from the annual fee.
  4. To exit the account management page, click the back arrow at the upper-left corner of your LivePlan window.
    manage account menu with back arrow highlighted.png

Switching from annual to monthly

If you have an annual subscription and want to change that to a monthly one, our Customer Advocate team is happy to help any time. Please contact us to request the change.

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