Adding footnotes, endnotes, or citations to your plan

If you need to add references to sources in your plan, there are several options to consider, depending on your needs.

Adding citations in-line:

The simplest method (which works entirely within LivePlan) is adding parenthetical citations to your text blocks. URLs can be added here as well, using the link builder tool:
toolbar with link builder highlighted.png

You may also want to add a custom topic to your plan outline that serves as a bibliography or "cited works" list.

Adding endnotes

You can also add a custom topic for endnotes within LivePlan. The text formatting options within LivePlan allow you to present these notes in the same text size as the main text, and if you wish, they can be italicized or bolded. 

If you'd like different endnote formatting, you can always export your plan as a Word document and update the formatting in Word. If you need live links in your sources, you can also add these in Word.

Adding footnotes

To add footnotes to your plan,  export your plan as a Word document and then use Word's built-in footnote-creation feature to build your citations.

Forecast notes

Notes can be added directly to LivePlan's forecast section. This feature allows citations to be added to practically any forecast item and cell within the forecast.

Plan comments

Comments can be added to any Plan topic. Citations can be added to any plan topic in the LivePlan outline using comments.

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