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LivePlan Premium users can export the results of any Forecast category as a .CSV file, which can be opened by Excel and other spreadsheet software for further formatting and analysis. 

This feature is available to LivePlan Premium users. To learn more about LivePlan Premium, please click here

Individual sections within the Forecast tab (such as Revenue, Expenses, Personnel, etc.)  have a download icon next to the section title:

CSV icon location.png

Click on this icon to download that section's forecast values as a .CSV file, which will then automatically download to your browser's downloads folder:

forecast to csv

Only visible data from the currently viewed section will be exported. In the example above, monthly detail is not enabled, and the export shows only annual totals. monthly to excel.png

Enabling the Monthly Detail toggle on the Forecast page and exporting again will display monthly totals.

Please note that the .CSV export produced by LivePlan will only contain data from the section of the forecast that it was downloaded from and does not include formulas. If your forecast is updated in LivePlan, you must export a new .CSV file or files to reflect the changes in your spreadsheet software. 

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