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If you are interested in sharing your financials in detail with a lender or investor, we recommend either printing a report from the Forecast tab, or issuing them a guest pass to your LivePlan account. LivePlan is designed to be a live online platform, on which you can easily present the full details of your forecast from within your plan. This method skips the file management considerations and complications of sharing static documents like Excel spreadsheets. And even better, if your advisor wants to request a change or ask a question, they can simply post a comment in your plan.

LivePlan's formulas are not Excel-based, so Excel doesn't have a way interpret data calculated in LivePlan. If you're interested in bringing the numbers of your LivePlan forecast into Excel, the best way to do that is to first export your plan as a Word document, and then copy and paste the table data into Excel. For best results, you may want to use a special paste:

  1. Export your plan to Word
  2. Navigate to the tables in the Word document that you wish to convert into a spreadsheet, and select all of the rows you want to include.
  3. Copy the selection:
  4. Open an Excel spreadsheet, select any cell, and paste the selection from your clipboard
  5. Choose the Match Destination Formatting option, and Excel will automatically separate out all of the values that were in the Word-based table into separate cells in Excel for you:
  6. Once the data is pasted, you can resize the columns as needed.

Note: Only the calculated numbers will copy and paste. The formulas used to calculate them will remain in LivePlan.

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