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Once you've created your first company in LivePlan, you're free to work on your business plans and pitches in any order you like. This guide will show you the tabs of the LivePlan screen, and what each one does, so you can find your way around more quickly.


The main menu bar

Everything starts with the menu bar that runs along the left side of your LivePlan window. Click on any tab to access that section:



This short video walks you through what each of these tabs do:

 You'll find more in-depth information on how to use each tab below:


The Pitch tab

Here's where you can build a Pitch, or a quick, one-page picture of your business idea. See how there are some additional menu items to the right of the Pitch tab? Just click on those to access them:


 To get started building your Pitch, check out this article: Preparing your Pitch.


The Plan tab

 In the Plan tab, you'll do several things:

  • Tackle the written parts of your business plan
  • Customize your plan's outline
  • Download and print your plan
  • View any comments your collaborators have left on your plan

 See the menu items to the right of the Plan tab?


To get started with your plan, see Writing your plan.


The Forecast tab

 The Forecast tab is all about numbers - you'll enter all of your forecast data here. See the individual pages you can access along the top of this tab?



To get started with your numbers, check out this page: Preparing a forecast.


The Benchmarks tab

In this tab, you can compare the forecast you've built against actual financial data for your industry, so you can make sure your plan is realistic.


Once you've completed your forecast, check out Using the Benchmarks.


The Schedule tab

 The Schedule tab is for putting concrete goals and due dates into your plan - setting milestones for yourself and your team members.


When you're ready to set some due dates, check out Adding and editing milestones.


The Dashboard tab

The Dashboard will help you greatly once your business is up and running. At that point, you'll be able to import your actual accounting numbers into LivePlan, and compare them against your business plan forecast. This data helps you see how your business is performing against your plan, and make adjustments as you go to keep your business healthy.


When your business is operating, check out Getting started with the Dashboard


The Options tab

 In this tab, you can update all the settings of your company, including


You can update these setting at any time, as many times as you need.


More Getting Started Guide:

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