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LivePlan currently supports U.S. English, Oxford English, French, German, Italian, Spanish (ES and Latin America), or Portuguese. You can choose to have the section titles and table labels in the Pitch and Plan appear in any of these languages. You can then write the rest of your pitch or plan in this language as well.

Note: LivePlan can't translate any text you have written in your plan. If you'd like your entire plan to be in another language, we recommend writing it in that language. LivePlan can only translate the section titles and labels.


To change the plan language

  1. In the left sidebar, click on Options:
  2. In the Plan language section, choose a language from the pull-down menu, then click Save Changes:
  3. The section titles and table labels in your plan will now appear in the language you've chosen:

    Note: All instructions in LivePlan will remain in English.


Customized titles can't be translated

If you have changed the title of a chapter, section, or topic in your plan and then change the language, LivePlan can't translate your customized title. You will want to re-enter this title in the language of your choice.

The same applies to creating a custom chapter, section, or topic. You'll want to title it in the language of your choice - LivePlan can't translate a custom title from English.


Republish your Pitch after translation

If you have published your Pitch as a web page in English and then change the language, you will need to republish the Pitch to have your web page display the new language.


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